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- Halberstadt CII und die RE.8 "Harry Tate"

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A third release of the new Halberstadt Cl.II packaged with the long sold out RE.8 “Harry Tate”. The Halberstadt Cl.II was a highly successful lightweight German two-seat escort fighter and ground attack aircraft that entered service in July 1917. It was initially tasked with escorting traditional two-seat C type reconnaissance and artillery spotting aircraft up until March 1918 when they transitioned to infantry support. The RE.8 was designed as a two-seat reconnaissance aircraft and entered service with the RFC in late 1916 and remained in use until after the Armistice. Aircrew gave it the affectionate nickname ‘Harry Tate’, RE.8 rhyming well with the popular Scottish music hall comedian’s name and, possibly, because of its similarly comic appearance. In the hands of confident and aggressive aircrews, the RE.8 was capable of putting up a fight almost as well as the great Bristol Fighter. Late in the morning of 9 June 1918 the crew of RE.8 D4689 “P” from 3 Squadron Royal Australian Flying Corp encountered late production Halberstadt Cl.II 15432/17 “III” from Royal Prussian Schlasta 13 over the Somme battlefield...   

96 high-quality injection moulded plastic parts for 2 aircraft.
-Halberstadt Cl.II plastic parts are the same as new model 32062 Halberstadt Cl.II (Late).
-RE.8 “Harry Tate” plastic parts are the same as 32012 RE.8 “Harry Tate” which sold out in June 2004.
-18 photo-etched metal detail parts.
-Highly detailed 180hp Daimler-Mercedes D.IIIa and 150hp RAF1a engines.  
-36 page fully illustrated instruction manual.
-2 high-quality Cartograf decal sheets including fitted lozenge camouflage and markings for 2 aircraft that met in combat…

Halberstadt Cl.II 15432/17 “III”, Kuesler & Müllenbach, Schlasta 13, 9 June 1918.

RE.8 “Harry Tate” D4689 “P”, RC Armstrong & FJ Mart, 3 Sqn AFC, 9 June 1918.