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Das neue Referenzbuch in englischer Sprache für den anspruchsvollen Modellbauer.
Namhafte Autoren analysieren hier auf 200 Seiten die Originalfarben des Zweiten Weltkrieges und ihre Umsetzung in den Modellbau.

A limited edition and accurately printed book devoted to the original colors of vehicles  used  during  WWII,  authored  by  Jürgen  Kiroff,  Przemyslaw  Skulski,  Mike Starmer & Steven Zaloga, with the contribution of other recognized experts on the

A  real  travel  through  the  research  conducted  in  official,  private  and  industry  archives.
The book reveals the development and use of colors on the German, Soviet, US and British army vehicles during WWII.

200 pages full of text, black & white and color archive photographs, profiles, color chips, photos of preserved vehicle parts
and equipment, documents, general camouflage rules, etc.