Bald neues von Zoukei Mura, die Do 335 als Doppelsitzer

Bald neues von Zoukei Mura, die Do 335 als Doppelsitzer

And from the SWS 1/32 series!!
The Do 335 twin-seat version (A-12), long-awaited from Dornier fans will finally be released for 17,800 JPY (expected price)!!

Named „the anteater“ for its particular shape, this aircraft model that is worth celebrating, will be finally released as an SWS kit, full of its unique charm.

The finished kit will be early displayed at Zoukei-mura booth during the IPMS Convention to be held in Omaha, USA. All you guys coming to the IPMS, look forward to it!! The more you look at it, the more you feel the deep strength of Luftwaffe, no, of Dornier Company.

For this SWS kit, the following molds have been added to the base model of the highly acclaimed Do 335 single-seat version (A-0). Our 1/32 A-12 kit will be the first and most unique of its kind.
Single-seat kit is nice of course, but isn’t this fascinating twin-seat really cool?

●Differences between the Do 335 single-seat (A-0) and the Do 335 twin-seat (A-12):
1. From the early mass-produced single-seat bomber (A-0) to the mass-produced exercise bomber (A-12)
2. The front seat (with ejection seat) is almost identical, but the back seat (no ejection seat) has been added behind it, replacing of the mid-fuselage fuel tank
3. The backseat instrument panel was simplified with only the minimal requested instruments
4. The shape of the upper fuselage is very different due to the lump-like canopy of the backseat and its fairing
5. Square panel for rear engine inspection on the back of the backseat canopy on the right side of the fuselage
6. Foot hold to get in/off, added on the underside of the backseat canopy on the left side of the fuselage

Please make it part of your collection.


▋How is this power?
The fierce figure of Do 335 A-12 is finally coming at you!! Oooh, that giant body and that balance are just awesome! This Do 335 is so cool that if you could have the finished display item in front of you, all your thoughts would just be blow away. Put it next to the single-seat A-0 and compare. That is like a celestial bliss for a modeler.

▋As usual, the outer panels are made in clear parts to let the cockpit of the twin-seat model, reproduced in high-detail, completely visible. Besides the instrument panel, the control equipment has been finely reproduced as well. This is indeed a particular aircraft, with its peculiar shape, somehow linked to the beauty of current aircrafts.

▋This finished kit is the fierce Do 335 A-12 made by Master Naoki Kobayashi.
Release is scheduled for the second half of the year. Maybe we will make it on time for the IPMS Telford. A famous kit given to you, Luftwaffe fans. I guarantee that the pleasure of building this kit is like in your dreams. Look forward to it!

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